Get free and stay free.

Your Journey to Freedom Starts Here.

It’s time for you to discard your burdens, hurts, and disappointments… journey to your God-given destiny.

Personal Ministry

We offer personal inner healing ministry to help you overcome your negative cycles.


We teach and train believers in how to walk with others into freedom in Christ.

Jewels of Wisdom

Marilyn’s book, Jewels of Wisdom, is a daily devotional connecting you with the Lord.

Today is the day

It's Time to Break Free

Do you feel stuck?

As if you’re meandering down an endless stretch of train track that leads nowhere? Or around and around the same issues in life?

Perhaps you are caught in the web of addiction – to alcohol, sex, gambling, food, money – or even TV.

Maybe you’re struggling to keep your marriage alive.

Or you battle depression born from a past riddled with abuse, neglect, abandonment or despair.

Our Core Values

Living in alignment with God, self and others

Training, equipping and deploying

Kingdom transformation – individuals, families, organizations

Ministering the Father Heart of God to all generations

Discipleship to hear God for yourself and others

Supporting others to walk in their God-given identity

Your Personal Ministry Team

We Are Here for You.

We understand – truly understand – your hurts, because we’ve been there ourselves. We’ve personally raged over childhood trauma wrought from abuse and domestic violence; been addicted to alcohol, drugs, and pornography; lost a child to stillbirth; weathered divorce, bankruptcy, and cancer, a heart attack; and survived quite a few of the darkest moments life can throw at a person.

The enemy did his best to snuff the life out of us, but God intervened. When our marriage and our personal lives were black with emptiness and despair, the Living God invited us to board the freedom train and journey with Him. We had nothing to lose; wearily, we climbed aboard.

What a journey it has been! Through God’s power, we have broken through –and continue to overcome – issues that held us captive. As God has been restoring our personal lives and marriage, He has also equipped us to help others in similar circumstances. Daily, we are humbled that God would use broken vessels like us to minister to other hurting people.

We invite you to join us on the freedom train. As you journey with us and with God, you’ll learn how to unload your emotional, physical and spiritual baggage. Your journey will restore you so you can discover a sense of peace, unspeakable joy, and the abundant life God intends for you.

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365 Day Devotional

Jewels of Wisdom

This book, written by Marilyn Gray, will teach you how to have a face-to-face encounter with Jesus as you hear His heart for you. In these short readings—written in His voice accompanied by His Word—you will capture the insight and understanding you need to walk with God by your side. Get ready: the journey is going to be breathtaking, adventurous, and full of hope!

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