This beautiful sunflower brightens up our day the moment we look at it. Actually it makes me smile and gives me hope. It’s one of those creations designed by God. Now why would there be sunflowers on this earth and what was their purpose for being here? I started with this flower arrangement at least three weeks ago, cutting their ends on a daily basis so that water could filtrate the stem and give them strength to stand. I walk by the vase and just smile!

When I really ponder the beauty, the intricacy, the color and the strength, I am intrigued that God cares about every little detail. As I read up a bit about the sunflower, I was tickled to find out that during their growth season, the flower tilts during the day to face the sun but stops when they begin blooming. The movement of sunflowers happens as the flower follows the sun, the opposite side of the sunflower stem begins to accumulate growth hormones and this causes growth which redirects the sunflower. The florets of a sunflower are arranged in a natural spiral. (Wikipedia resource). I’m fascinated and in love with God. There are so many different species of sunflowers depending upon where they are grown. Not one is alike!

Take this step a little further…….look around. Dig deeper and ponder that this same God, created you uniquely. There is no one like you! Every detail about you was already put in the Father’s heart. You are special! Therefore, don’t just assume that a flower is just a regular sunflower. Look deeper into their time on earth and know that God has a bigger plan for them as well as for you and me.

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