Restoring the Foundations

“You can’t build a house on a faulty foundation.”

That’s the analogy we use in our Restoring the Foundations (RTF) ministry sessions. We feel honored to serve as RTF ministers, because we’ve seen incredible healing take place – not only in marriages on the brink of disaster, but also in healthy marriages.

Many of the people we minister to are pastors and church leaders; we’ve seen how healing within individual marriages expands and facilitates healing within the larger body of Christ.

Personal Ministry

Restoring the Foundations is a personal, one-to-one ministry, during which we meet with couples
(both jointly and individually) as well as singles in our home or through ZOOM.

Some of the key areas for which many couples seek healing include:

  • Communication
  • Sexual issues
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Childhood trauma
Here is a brief overview of what each three-hour ministry session “looks” like:
Session 1 – For marriages

Joint session (both spouses) meet with Wayne and Marilyn to discuss the personal information questionnaire the couple completed prior to the session. We help the couple pinpoint hurts, ungodly beliefs, and patterns that need to be addressed. We also focus on what is working in the marriage so we can build on those ingredients.

Sessions 2-6

During five, 3-hour sessions, we use the RTF principles to work through four key problem areas:

1. Sins of the Fathers and the Resulting Curses

This problem is rooted in the second commandment (Ex. 20:3-6), where God visits “the iniquities of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generations. ”God requires us to confess our ancestors’ sin as well as our own (Lev 26:40). We help you focus on the confession of sin (I John 1:9) and appropriation of Christ’s finished work on the Cross to break curses (Gal 3:13) and recover “legal ground” from the enemy.

2. Ungodly Beliefs (Distorted belief systems)

Each of us has formed ungodly beliefs from life’s circumstances as well as from our ancestors (i.e., parents, grandparents). We guide you through a process of repentance and renewing your mind (Rom 12:2) to help you change ungodly beliefs into Godly beliefs.

3. Soul/Spirit Hurts

Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted (Lk 4:18). As we “wait upon the Lord” with “listening prayer,” He heals the hurts of our soul and spirit. He shows us what He wants to heal, and then, after we take care of necessary forgiveness and releasing, He heals what He has shown.

4. Demonic Oppression

After we have “co-labored with Christ” to bring freedom and healing to the first three ministry areas in our lives, the various demonic strongholds oppressing us can be disassembled and destroyed (Mk 16:17).

Session 7 – Final Couple Session

During our final 3-hour joint session, we bring the couple back together and give them an opportunity to deal with forgiveness issues and to share their insights and revelation from their personal ministry healing time. We model healthy ways to communicate with one another and help the couple come up with a plan and strategy to support each other in their “walking out” process.

Frequently Asked Questions about RTF

How long have you been RTF ministers?

We have been doing RTF ministry full-time since 2000. We just moved from Olympia, WA to our new home in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Is RTF ministry limited to married couples?

No. We adapt the RTF principles for use with single individuals.

How can I be sure RTF ministry is confidential?

Before you begin RTF, you will sign a confidentiality agreement. Legally and ethically, information you share with us may not be disclosed without your written consent. The “Waiver of Liability” form details certain situations (for example, physical or sexual abuse being done to a minor child or any issues dealing with suicide) that we are legally required to report. Married couples are also assured that no confidentiality will be broken regarding the spouses’ individual ministry time. Spouses will decide what details of their individual ministry sessions they want to share with each other.

What qualifications do Wayne and Marilyn have to conduct this ministry?

Wayne and Marilyn have been married for over forty years. They work together and are ordained ministers under Betsy and Chester Kylstra and the Healing House Network (HHN) in Nashville. They are qualified as Restoring the Foundations ministers, seminar leaders, and trainers.

When can I expect breakthroughs to occur in my marriage?

We believe in starting our ministry with you right where you are at. Some people open up right away and begin making breakthroughs; for others, it doesn’t happen until the second couples’ session. Our passion as RTF ministers is to help you restore a strong foundation in your marriage and in your personal life. Without exception, breakthroughs always happen during our ministry sessions; the exciting part of the journey is experiencing how God breaks down the barriers that hold you back from walking in the full destiny the Lord has for you.

How will you prepare me (and my spouse) to keep moving forward in positive ways after our RTF ministry sessions end?

We not only help people restore the foundations of their relationship, we equip them with a “toolbox.” When a particular “red flag” situation or challenge arises, they can pull a card out of their toolbox to help each other identify the hurt or ungodly belief. The “tool” guides them through the situation so they can administer and receive healing – together.

How much does the RTF ministry cost?

The cost is $3,600.00 per couple for 36 hours of personal ministry, or $1,800.00 for individuals for 15 hours of personal ministry. If additional ministry is required, the cost is $100.00 per hour. ZOOM ministry is available as well.

Do you provide grants or discounts?

Time and time again, people’s first response when they learn the fee is, “I can’t afford that.” However, our experience is that when people step out in obedience to the Lord, funds become available. We are open to working out payment plans with individuals if necessary, and we consider individual requests. We have found it is very important for you to invest in your own healing.

I sense God calling me to become an RTF minister. Do you provide training?

Yes! Wayne and Marilyn are internationally qualified RTF trainers and seminar leaders. We will travel to your church or facility (anywhere in the world!) to conduct training for you individually or for your church staff.

For more information, contact Freedomtrain Ministries.

Where can I learn more about Restoring the Foundations?

Visit the Restoring The Foundations website for more information from this ministry.

Ready to get started?

If you are interested in having us minister to you, please contact us first. Ministry receivers will be required to fill out a “My Story” Thorough Format Ministry application form (download here via Restoring the Foundations) and submit it at least one month prior to your ministry date.  The fee is $1,500.00 for a single (15 hours of ministry) and $3,400.00 per couple (36 hours of ministry)

You may email or send hard copies of your completed application form to us at:

Marilyn Gray
1315 Firestone Drive
Woodland Park, CO 80863


On another note:  We are committed to helping you walk out your healing, so our home office has prepared a 30-day walkout plan for you to keep the freedom you received throughout your ministry. Click the following link to sign up for daily “Walking It Out” emails. 

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