Jewels of Wisdom

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Jewels of Wisdom by Marilyn Gray
  • Do you sometimes wonder if God is talking to you?
  • Are you looking for direction and purpose in your life?
  • Do you need practical spiritual guidance for everyday living?

You are not alone.

Jewels of Wisdom is a 365 day devotional written from God’s heart. Yes, the God who knows your struggles, witnessed your past, and sees your present—that God has plans for your future and wants to guide you into your destiny.

At times we are unwise, selfish, and bent on following our own plans without regard for God and His ways. But just as we value and prize the jewels of the earth, we desperately need to value God’s jewels of wisdom and receive His instruction.

This book will teach you how to have a face-to-face encounter with Jesus as you hear His heart for you. In these short readings—written in His voice accompanied by His Word—you will capture the insight and understanding you need to walk with God by your side. Get ready: the journey is going to be breathtaking, adventurous, and full of hope! Click a button below to purchase Jewels of Wisdom or make a donation to Freedomtrain Ministries.

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A Testimony of Jewels of Wisdom

I started reading Jewels of Wisdom mid-March of 2020. It was given to my beloved spouse, Marlene, by our daughter Jacqueline of Olympia, Washington 3 years previous. Marlene and I were married 60 years and 10 days. She went to be with the Lord May 27, 2018. The loss of Marlene was and is still devastating for me. For over 40 years, we were born again believers together. For many years, we benefited from anointed teaching but a day came when all the teaching couldn’t take the pain away because of the loss of her presence and partnership in my life. I still have her ashes. I can’t give her up. Since I started reading Jewels of Wisdom, I have not missed a day reading His message to me. I have not read past the date on the page, but I have read from page one, or January 1, to the present date twice already and have started a third time. Once I started reading this devotional daily, within a short period of time, I noticed I was feeling more relaxed. I started focusing on what was written, meditating on what was being said, how it was being said, and who it was directed to— Me. I found in Jewels of Wisdom what I needed. My outlook completely changed for myself, and towards others, by knowing just how much He loves us. I feel stronger and stronger with my walk with the Lord. God is the only One Who can give you Words of Life. If you want to be encouraged, you have to go to God’s Word. His Word settles things in your heart in ways that human words never can. His handwriting, in this book, gives you Promises for Life. To know that you have a supernatural Helper and that you are never alone is a great truth. Its daily reading positions me to know who I am and inspires me to help someone else. Everything that you can learn in the world is nothing compared to what you know with God. You don’t need to be a scholar to share God’s love with someone. By using this daily devotional, I have come to one conclusion. Just as the bible was written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so was Jewels of Wisdom. The words of wisdom in this daily devotional brings to life the hidden depth of scripture.It brings to life what God intended for believers to experience. These words of wisdom give direction (Matthew 6:33). They give revelation and promise (Mathew 16:13-19). These words of wisdom give you a commission to go into all the world (Mathew 28:18-20). These words of wisdom promise us astonishing signs from the Lord for all who believe (Mark 16:15-18). These words of wisdom give you a personal comforter and teacher in the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-16-26).
I need His message daily. It brings me life and purpose. Jewels of Wisdom is a devotional for the brokenhearted, encouragement for the lonely and restless, and guidance for daily direction. Jewels of Wisdom encourages me to rest in His presence, that quiet place where He can talk to me, where the daily distractions of this world are no longer heard. A place where I listen for His voice, pray for fellow believers, where I can ask, seek, and knock for revelation from the Holy Spirit for a clearer understanding of the ability that I have in Christ Jesus because of the painful price Jesus paid on the cross. The Spirit of God directed Marilyn Gray to write this most anointed book. God spoke to Marilyn’s heart and took her hand and wrote His love and His words of life for this daily devotion just like He took the hands and hearts of the other writers of the bible. When you read the bible, there is so much in it that you can be distracted by its many teachings because it is a book about everything. We were meant to rest in the Word. We were meant to have our ears open and to listen. “Come unto Me and I will give you rest.” Encouraging! What does the Jewels of Wisdom book give me? It gives me the promises of God’s love and the wisdom to use His love in action with others. It gives me Jesus as a partner, Who never leaves me, and I am embraced and brought out of a place of loneliness by Him.