Permission granted to use photo taken by Mike Deeter

As we are sitting in our warm house in Colorado, a record snowfall of about 3 feet is in full form. When looking at this beautiful photo by Mike, my spirit felt peace and wonder. First of all, I was amazed that only one person was on the walk in the midst of the snow and sunshine. To some that might bring fear and to others, peace. The fog is rolling in but yet a bright light reveals the way to walk.

I am impressed with the courage, perseverance, and the willingness to venture out and make an unknown trail. Step by step, crunch by crunch, breath by breath to experience God’s country. The wonder of it all!

Some people want to stay in the warmth and comfort but at times, God is calling us out to experience a deeper touch of His heart and His creation. Thank you Mike for the awe and wonder in my heart.

So if you aren’t sure what the future might hold, trust the One who created life and beauty for us to enjoy. He is faithful to show us the way and strong enough to carry us when we are not sure of our path. If you feel stuck and not sure how to go on, please contact us.

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