Keeping my focus on God today!

As I have walked this journey today, I find myself focusing on other things rather than God. Sometimes its a real struggle to not get entangled with the worldly emotions and circumstances. In one moment, I can be thinking and saying things that just aren’t true. Many times throughout the day, my mind would go to what “I don’t have” rather than how “I am blessed”. God is so patient and kind with me. He knows I love Him with all of my heart so He just gently reminds me of His promises in my life. His Truth, not mine. I know many struggle like I do. God, please help me to keep my focus on You today.

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  • The River
    Posted at 09:31h, 01 September Reply

    Living counter-culture isn't easy. Our consumer culture screams at us all day long, me first, I have rights, I have needs, satisfy yourself with more of what you can buy and grasp. Living with and for God demands the opposite, trust, faith, interdependence, selflessness…

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