What, you want me to do what?

Today as I was listening to a story about a family that has hit really hard times with physical illness, I felt in my heart that there was something I was to do. I asked, “Lord? Am I to get involved with this?” I gently heard, “call them, tell them whatever they need, you can help them.” I inquired of the Lord, “anything?” His sweet nudge to my heart was, “Yes, anything.” But, but, but what if they ask for something really big and expensive like a mortage payment or something? What am I to do about that? I heard the Lord say, “where do you think all of this comes from anyway? Don’t I own everything? You are just a steward, remember.” “Oh yes, I answered, you are right!” So I wanted to obey what the Lord had told me and called this friend of mine and told her, “whatever you need, just let me know.” She was so overwhelmed and humbled that so many people had reached out to her family. Now, this is what I call “church”. I don’t know down the line what she will need but one thing I do know, she needed to hear that someone cared enough to call and offer.

  • Tammy
    Posted at 09:53h, 08 September Reply

    I too have been asked by
    God to do something and was freaked out because i thought i would be stuck with a huge cost…when really my true fear is failure and worst of all failing someone in need. God has never asked me to do something that has hurt me in anyway. the exact opposite has happened-i'm left feeling blessed! go figure…:)

  • Freedomtrain Ministries
    Posted at 16:26h, 10 September Reply

    I think that is exactly what the Kingdom of God is all about. We just read a series called "A Blessed Life" by Robert Morris – it was absolutely fantastic.

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