What condition is your home in?

My home, physically and spiritually are really connected. As we recently purged items out of our garage and out of the office, it was so evident that it was not just about the physical but the spiritual as well. There were items in the office that I had a hard time getting rid of. There were clothes that were in good shape but no longer in style and honestly they were pretty old. There were things in the garage that had connections to our many years of marriage but there were many things that were just trash. As I pondered on how much the physical reflects the spiritual, I stood in amazement. I know the Lord wanted to purge things out of my life and He wanted me to let loose of old items, old ideas, old ways of doing things, old identity, old emotions – things that represented the past. There were so many blessings that came through the process of purging. Not only did we find cash (mad money) that had been packed away almost 15 years ago, we found a peace and rest in our souls. I can breathe deeply and be encouraged that the old is gone and we are ready for the new! That’s what Jesus wants for all of our lives – to get rid of the old so that the new can come in. I think its called “pruning”, cutting back old branches, so new growth can happen. Similar to cutting off the deadheads on your outside flowers so that they can continue to bloom. What an awesome God. He loves us so much that He isn’t going to leave us the same whether that be physically, emotionally, or spiritually. They are all connected.

  • Patti
    Posted at 15:32h, 04 September Reply

    It's so true isn't it? Getting rid of the old to make way for the new.

    Love it, Marilyn! Great stuff!

  • Tammy
    Posted at 10:00h, 08 September Reply

    I couldn't agree more.. i find that people who keep old stuff physically they are being weighed down spiritually which for me can lead to depression and feelings of bondage. I spring clean every year..my problem is i throw out too much good stuff and am left regretting it…i do not like old stuff sitting around i want it out so the new clean stuff can come in.

  • Tammy
    Posted at 10:02h, 08 September Reply

    I love the topics you are writing about…keep it up marilyn you have so much knowledge and blessings to share-love tammy

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