It’s Pouring Rain!

Pour down rain?

In the Northwest we can understand rain, oh my can we! However, when we were away this weekend, soaking our tired bodies in the mountain hot springs, many thoughts were going through my head.
Well that can be a scary thought but really folks, hear me out.

Picture this: we are sitting is this hot, steamy, crowded pool of healing mineral water when all of a sudden the rain comes. The rain comes faster and harder to the point that we couldn’t even see the other people on the other side of the pool. Some of us just sat and let the rain cover us while others brought out their umbrellas and others already had hats prepared to handle anything that might come their way.

As I contemplated this experience, how many of us are willing to sit in God’s presence, comfortable, relaxed, feeling blessed and at peace and yet God wants to pour more out upon us?

Are we those who let it come freely without barriers or are we finding something to cover up or protect us in some way?

In this time and hour, God really wants to pour out upon those who will just sit and receive. No matter how slow, no matter how fast, no matter how hard the rain comes.

Maybe rain in the Northwest isn’t so bad?

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