Receive, Enjoy, Secure, Time out.

How is that we can Receive all that God has for us; Enjoy every aspect of our lives; feel Secure in our decision making; and still be able to take a Time Out?


In a society that runs from here to there, at times it does seem impossible.  I look at my calendar some days and there are times I think I forget to even breathe.  But my ultimate desire is to REST in God’s Arms.  I  not only want to give but Receive all that He has for my life.

I heard a story today about how this hard working man worked his whole entire life.  He waited until retirement to really enjoy the fruit of his labor, only to have cancer and be told he has one year to live.


I want to Enjoy what I have today and not wait until another day.


Like a foundation that is bolted down or a camping tent tied down by nails to keep it from floundering in the wind, I know I have that security in Christ.  I have to be secure in knowing that I hear from him and not waver.

Time Out

TIME OUT? What? Time out isn’t just for kids when they need discipline.  Time out is for us.  To rest, reflect, ponder, dream, relax and get filled up with the REAL THING!  Oh, happy days…

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