Brrrr – Baby it’s cold outside………………..

WinterWith the temperatures below freezing for the last week and a half, one could look at these days as miserable and unsuspecting.  However, if you take a different look at the situation, you could even say, “this is an adventure”! 

Consider for a moment what “cold” means to you.  It could be an opportunity to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, cuddle around the fireplace, sip some hot cider, and rest knowing that your heart and home is warm and toasty.

What could be an alternative?  Cold weather – cold heart; freezing temperatures – unhealed emotions; frost all around – untouchable by others; self focused – missing the opportunity to love.

If you are cold in any way, let God heal you and warm your heart.  Give Him the permission to use you to help others.  Let your home and your heart be a safe place to encounter the healing touch of a loving God!  He will warm you inside and out!  Ahhhhhhh……..

  • April
    Posted at 17:16h, 14 December Reply

    I have loved the frost and the cold, because I so enjoy the cocoa, fire, and warm blankie! And the frost makes a beautiful blanket over the earth! (I’m getting the email updates now! Yay!)

  • Robin Bailey
    Posted at 13:51h, 04 January Reply

    This is so good. I have some areas I’ve been working on warming up. Thanks for the enouragemnet.

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