Promises of Hope

As I have watched the news around the revolution in Egypt, my heart was touched by a woman named Mary Thornberry. This beautiful, 76 year old mother had lived by herself in Egypt for approximately 15 years studying the Egyptian culture. She had spent more than a week keeping intruders out of her Cairo apartment as violent protests happened outside.

Unfortunately, because of the riots in the square, no one could even get close to her to rescue her. However, the word of her predicament became known to the media and the US Embassy. Mary reported to the world that her only personal weapons were a rolling pin, hot water, and a knife.

On February 5, 2011 the news reported that Mary had been rescued by four people and taken to an unknown location. She had managed to flee Egypt after a stranger helped her get to the airport. She then caught a flight to Athens and by Sunday she was on another jet that landed in New York, according to the The Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

What touched me about the story was that Mary cried out for help while at the same time she seemed to be at peace. It appeared to me that she was confident that the weapons would be enough even though the world might of thought they were insignificant and worthless. BUT God heard her cries and He rescued her.

I was reminded that He will give me and you what we need in the time of warfare. Ultimately HE is our rescuer, our safe place, our refuge, our protector and the One to give us hope! “The Battle is the Lord’s”. Way to go Mary – you are my hero!

With regard to Israel, this is the promise of hope I believe the Lord spoke to my heart:

Hosea 2:14-15 “I will allure her (Israel) and bring her into the wilderness and I will speak tenderly and to her heart. There I will give her viineyards and make the Valley of Achor (troubling) to be for her a door of hope and expectation. And she shall sing there and respond as in the days of her youth and as at the time when she came up out of the land of Egypt.” NLT

  • Lori Green
    Posted at 23:59h, 08 February Reply

    Marilyn, I’m so glad you posted to your blog today. You needed to do it and God graced you for it! Love you!

  • rena
    Posted at 21:28h, 09 February Reply

    I missed hearing about that story. What a courageous women she is. My prayers go to our Egyptian brothers and sisters in Christ. This must be a hopeful yet uncertain time for them. And thanks for sharing the letters you shared a few days ago from the man who is there.

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