Honor Him


I recently had a picture of Jesus at the gates of heaven.  He spoke the word to me, “lovely”. I inquired “lovely, you called me lovely?” Then as I pressed into Him to hear His response, I saw Him begin to kneel before me. I was shocked. “God, why are you kneeling?”, I asked. I heard these simple and profound words, “I honor you because you honor Me”. It forever changed my life!  I will never be the same.

(1 Samuel 2:30) God honors those who honor Him.

“What an honor it is to be honored by God. He honors us with His intimacy. He honors us with responsibilities and success. He honors us with wisdom. He honors us with blessings undeserved. He honors us with friends and family. He honors us with health and healing. He honors us by calling us His own. Our honor invites His honor. (Excerpt from Wisdom Hunters)

Question to you. What have you heard the Lord say to you recently?


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