Intimacy with the King

My love for God and my love for people just keeps growing and growing. I had the honor of meeting some wonderful shop owners and employees in downtown Olympia. I don’t have a need or desire to travel to town on too many occasions but on this day, my eyes and heart were opened in a new way. Everyone I met was open, kind, and very accommodating. They felt like family and I didn’t feel any separation whatsoever.

I have a new appreciation for my city and a new love for God’s kids. Yes, intimacy with the King can be in my quiet and worshipful times but it is just as important to be around His kids sharing life together. Everywhere I walked and everyone I talked with was an open door into God’s heart. Intimacy – IN TO ME SEE. I saw them and they saw me and in those short visits, a heart connection was made.

So what was the lesson? For me it is to make sure I take the time to see the light in others. We are all on the journey to find love because God is love and he created us for relationship. Today I choose to focus on what is right with Olympia rather than what is wrong.

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