Great is His Faithfulness

I love how God speaks to us just when we need it. As I was listening to the song, Great is His Faithfulness, I looked out my kitchen window and saw a beautiful robin. She was picking at the ground, looking around, picking and looking, picking and looking. Not once did she seem concerned whether she would find a meal. All by herself…she had such confidence and faith that she never quit until she found her worm. She picked at brush, dirt that was filled with absolutely nothing and then she would dance and hop over to another spot. I saw her try and try again until she got it right. Such faith, such perseverance!

God cares about us just like He cares about that little robin. He feeds us, clothes us, and gives us shelter and all He is asking of us is to put our trust in Him. Sometimes we give up too fast, too early, filled with doubt and uncertainty. Take a minute and watch our springtime robins. They speak to us and show us many things. Great is His Faithfulness!

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