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Searching for Gold

What are we really looking for? Something of great value or just a single experience? Maybe its a promise and a hope for a better tomorrow. Maybe its confirmation that God has heard our prayers. We are all looking, aren’t we? Searching for Gold.

I know I’ve searched most of my life looking for love, hope, peace, joy; something that could confirm my existence. I was asking questions like, “What’s my purpose?” “What is this life all about?” I remember that deep dark hole in my soul that could never be filled. I looked for everything to fill that void BUT came to the conclusion that the world had nothing for me.

It wasn’t until I had a life changing encounter with the Living God. That’s when my life started to make sense. Yes, I was searching for gold alright. The glory of the God filled me up that night. His love, His peace, His joy – something that would never go away! I am so grateful!!

So if you are looking for gold, in the natural or supernatural, know this: It’s not of this world. HIS LOVE FOR YOU IS ALL THAT MATTERS! Ask Him to fill you to overflowing. It won’t slip through your fingers and it won’t ever lose its value.

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