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Hearing But Not Listening

A friend recently said to me that God had brought some correction to his life by saying: “Son, you are hearing but you are not listening.” He was very good at hearing God’s voice, loud and clear, gentle and soft BUT he was not really listening or obeying the voice. This fine gentleman ended up having a triple by-pass because over the years he had not submitted to the gentle nudgings of the Lord. No, God did not cause the heart attack but believe me, it sure got this man’s attention.

I see so many of us (including me) running here and there, texting, social media, appointments galore and quite frankly, people are exhausted. I think as a generation we have forgotten to slow down, rest, and quiet meditation. Thankfulness and gratitude have to be part of every day living. We have become weary and sick!

I so appreciate this man’s testimony because once again God was speaking to me through him to slow down. So I am encouraging you to do the same. Take a look at your schedule, set your priorities, and spend precious time taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and most importantly, spiritually. Are you listening?

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