Forest for the Trees

As I pondered my day and sitting on the deck, I looked up and saw these beautiful trees.

I looked up again at the trees and saw them from a different perspective. There was light shining through the limbs at the top.

I was struck by the two views. One looked beautiful but no light and the same set of trees looked inviting and filled with hope.

I know that many times in my life I focused on the dark misery of my past. I didn’t even see the light – I was blinded to it.  But it was there all the time. The Light to guide, direct, and heal my heart. God’s word says that He would never leave me or abandon me.  I just had to believe Him and look for the hope. 

How many times do you focus on the problem instead of looking to Him for the healing?  Maybe its time to change the focus. I know it was for me.

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